About Us

Envisioning a community in which youth and families communicate with respect and understanding, leading healthy, productive, substance-free lives.

substance abuse prevention in AustinYouth Advocacy is an organization focused on prevention services and strengthening family units within Travis County.  We have been working within the community since 1975, focusing primarily on youth and their families within high risk and low-income communities.

Our story began when the rates of spray paint inhalant abuse were rapidly increasing, at which point we stepped in with the Hermanitos program to deliver intervention services targeted towards at-risk Hispanic youth in urban and low-income areas. YA merged with WAP in 2001 and has since evolved to include a wider variety of evidence-based programs for youth and their families.

We approach our goals in a number of ways such as youth mentoring, Juvenile Probation case management, family strengthening programs, and social emotional learning and youth development classes. In doing this, we utilize a strength- based approach, client-led practice rooted in improving youth resiliency and strengths while engaging family as a partner in creating positive future outcomes.

Youth Advocacy programs are evidence- based and highly collaborative with entities such as schools, community partners, courts, and local government agencies.  Our programs are designed to help youth overcome obstacles and live happier, healthier lives.

Youth Advocacy programs currently receive funding from the following sources:
Texas Health and Human Services Commission 
Travis County Health and Human Services
City of Austin Community Youth Development Fund
We would also like to thank our donors for their generous support:
Potbelly’s Sandwich Shop (Southwest location) and private donors