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Youth Mentoring
Youth Mentoring is an after-school program that focuses on building relationships between youth and caring adults who serve as role models. The goal of this program is to prevent decisions which can lead to problems within families, school, or the juvenile justice system. Mentors lead weekly group sessions that enhance youth character development, develop leadership, build self-esteem, and teach positive conflict resolution. Our mentoring program is open to all youth aged 6 – 17 residing in or attending school within the 78744 community.

Youth enrolled in group mentoring also have the opportunity to participate in Youth Leadership Development (YLD) monthly sessions. YLD provides participants with the opportunity to develop strong and effective leadership skills by using skill building activities to promote self-esteem, empowerment, conflict resolution, communication skills, goal setting, and academic skills.

Family Sessions

Bilingual family Sessions are provided once per month and are open to all families residing, working, or attending school within the 78744 community. Our family sessions are designed to promote discussion around family engagement, self-advocacy, and parental empowerment. Families are provided with free dinner as well as activities and presentations meant to enhance family connection and the skills needed to successfully handle life challenges.

Parents and caretakers are provided with resources to assist them with issues surrounding immigration, finances, physical health, mental health, and education. Families that attend these sessions are also provided with case management services to help them overcome barriers and build healthier home environments.

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Independent Case
Management Services


Independent Case
Management Services

Independent Case Management Services (ICMS) provides support and assistance for youth and families involved in Travis County Juvenile Probation. ICMS is a blend of home and community-based services for youth and their caregivers delivered during a period of four to six months. Case Managers support youth and their caregivers through direct assistance, advocacy, and life skills training.

We work to alleviate stressors that negatively impact behavior and social development. We assist youth and caregivers in developing strengths, accessing resources, and addressing unique needs so they are able to complete probation successfully. We directly link youth and family members to services and opportunities which support growth and stability. These resources include housing, financial, basic needs, employment, academic, transportation, and parenting classes, among others. By connecting youth with these services, we create a support network that allows them to gain stability and find success in their goals.

Get Started

Teens aged 13-17 currently adjudicated within Travis County Juvenile Probation are eligible for four to six months of intensive case management. Juvenile Probation Officers interested in referring youth to ICMS must contact the Gatekeep of Community providers for the service referral form.

“I can’t say I’ve ever worked with a case manager from Youth Advocacy that didn’t seem fully invested and went above and beyond for their families”

Travis County JPO

Families Program

Youth + Adult Workshops
We provide bilingual presentations and workshops to both youth and adults of all ages who reside or attend school in Travis County. All workshops are provided free of cost in order to reach a wide array of youth and their families. Workshops cover topics related to relationship building, healthy communication, stress management, substance use prevention, as well as gaining independence and resiliency.

We strive to engage our youth audience by incorporating a variety of learning styles including interactive activities, trivia games, and open discussion sessions. Workshops can be provided through schools, organizations, and juvenile probation as well as independent workshops provided by Youth Advocacy.

If you’re interested in attending or providing workshops through your school or organization, click here for more information.

Strengthening Families Program

The goal of our Strengthening Families Program (SFP) is to build healthy, positive family relationships in order to prevent substance misuse in our community. Through our evidence-based curriculum, we provide support and education services to at-risk youth and families. We provide our program at no cost and collaborate with multiple schools and community partners in order to reach a diverse population.

SFP is offered to youth aged 6-18 and their families within Travis County. Over 14 sessions, we promote family bonding and unity by enhancing communication, resiliency, and life skills. Sessions are held for caregivers and youth both together and separately. To encourage consistent and active participation throughout each session, we provide weekly dinner and door prizes to all in attendance.

Youth who with have been struggling with poor grades, low attendance, family conflict, or have been experimenting with substance misuse are encouraged to participate. If you’re interested in enrolling or providing our Strengthening Families Program in your school or organization, click here for more information.

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